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SCS 9024 / 9031

Use of rooms

The SCS 902A system can also be applied to the measurement of the transmission loss TL factor and reverberation time in small rooms (Schroeder Theory) in 1/3 octave bands using suitable devices like: two reverberant rooms face to face, anechoic room faced to reverberant room, two small rooms with a sample partition, and so on.
One up to 8 or 16 measurement microphones can be connected to the system which will perform the dB difference in 1/3 octave bands between averaged spectra measured in each side of the partition. An internal generator provides the wide band noise excitation, while an external generator specially designed for the application (wide band and impulse noise), and controlled by the SCS 902A, can be used.
As an option, a 1/3 octave external filters controller is also available, which is able to automatically switch two 1/3 octave external filters, in order to be able to excite and measure one 1/3 octave at the time and increase the signal to noise ratio in special circumstances, for the transmission loss measurement, while it becomes strictly necessary to implement the Schroeder Method in measuring the reverberation time of small rooms
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