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SCS9021 / 9022

Oberst method for Damping loss factor determination

When connected to the SCS 902A system, the Oberst set device allows the determination of the Damping loss factor of material samples according to DIN standard. The material sample is normally attached to a steel plate clamped to the top of the Oberst device, it is then excited using an electromagnetic actuator driven with random or impulse signals; sinusoid sweep is also available as standard from the SCS 902A system.

The displacement parameters of the testing specimen are measured with a laser transducer in order to avoid any mass loading on it and to guarantee precise results. From the transfer function between excitation signal and displacement, damping is calculated through a curve fitting procedure. The Oberst apparatus is a very rigid stainless steel structure with rapid clamps adjustable for fixing the specimen in various position; the laser transducer is movable along the rod and the distance from the specimen is also adjustable.

The use of a laser transducer overcomes any problem concerning the nature of the material under testing and it is also possible to use a non metallic support plate, like fibber plate or others. As a device for the SCS 902A system, all functions implemented in the PC based system can be applied to the case, including mathematical functions, storing and reporting. The Oberst device ensemble for the SCS 902A system is available as a separated set which can also be connected with other acquisition and analysis systems.
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