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SCS 9010 Noise & Vibration Diagnostics

The system SCS9010 is designed to permit to the customer to perform very easy and fast measurements on the vehicle. Small size, light weight, versatile and powerful diagnostic toolkit, designed to give the R&D engineer all needed data acquisition and signal processing tools for a first-aid noise source catching and evaluation.

• Small size
• Light weight
• Veratile and powerful
• 4 channel parallel I/O
• 93 dB S/N
• 0.004% THD
• 4Hz to 20 kHz frequency response

M-BMH = Binaural Headset

M-H42 = In-Line Binaural Microphone ICP Converter and Headphone Adapter

M-H41 = Four Channel Binaural Headphone Conditioner

(TBA) M-H46 = Four Channel Binaural Headphone & RPM Conditioner

M-S4 = 4Hz - 20kHz Four Channel Analog I/O Digital PC-Card

(TBA) S-SCS8600 = Four channel Audio Recorder & Playback Software
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