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Road Testing execution in view of Homologation

Now, when the idea has become a concrete object, made of steel, plastic rubber and, especially, beauty, then it is time to test it in order to verify if all the mosaic pieces fit together and work. This is an activity that does not frighten IAS: after so severe steps as described above, we are confident that no problems will arise. But, anyway, the activity must be performed, in that the homologation requires it and it does not accept other kinds of good performance evidence.

IAS is proud to mention that in some cases (Bus roll-over for example) the experience and feasibility gained in simulation activity since late sixties convinced the homologation authority to accept and to keep sufficient just the simulation results.
Nevertheless IAS is in position to perform all the testing activities necessary to deliver to the customer a product with no one problem, just his original idea transformed in a perfectly running product.

It is worthwhile to mention that IAS, besides the turnkey development of a complete vehicle, is available for more limited activities, for example:
• Vehicle interiors design
• Suspension design/engineering
• Existing vehicles restyling
• Modification design in order to match CEE regulations
• Development of new models under Customer management

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