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Design alone is not able to guarantee the success of a project: today, the development of a new product (car, truck, bike …etc) is faced with a lot of constraints, which may be only satisfied using ultra-sophisticated software's. Issues coming from national regulations, needs of optimisation, consumption reduction, best performance, durability, reliability, all these requirements should be matched in order that the product might have some success chance on a global and hardened market.

These are the reasons why at IAS Engineering is so strong: if we want win the challenge (and we do want), it is imperative that the fruit of Design has no one trouble; when Design will be transformed in Prototype it must properly work.

In view of that all the best of Simulation tools are known and used by the IAS personnel. Just to mention some of them:
• NASTRAN for linear static and frequency problems
• ABAQUS for non-linear behaviour (plasticity, contact, large deformations ...etc)
• PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS, LS_DYNA for impact and safety simulation (frontal crash, lateral crash, rear crash, head impact, knee impact …etc)
• FLUENT, STAR-CD for computational fluid-dynamics (CX reduction, Acclimatization, Engine cooling …etc)

At IAS Designers and Engineers work side by side: each time the Designer produces a new idea there is an Engineer ready to validate it using the best of available tools. No one project comes out from Design department without engineering validation.

This way we are sure that the project will have no problem at all level: from prototyping to homologation.
In this phase the IAS Engineers use the virtual analysis to confirm the engineering results.
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