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Place: China
Period: four months in 2005
Customer: CAR producer

SCS in the year 2005 performed an acoustical study with the objective to reduce external noise "PASS BY" on new model of the car. The customer required the SCS help due the vehicle didn't pass the parameters request from the Chinese Standard Homologation regarding the level of the noise in the Pass by test.

A team of SCS technicians executed the test on the vehicle directly in customer promises in China with the help of SCS technical centre in Italy.

The study of the vehicle showed the needs to modify some parts in the car, mainly silent part of the exhaust system, air box, and the improvement of the material used to prepare the insulation kit. A complete study was dedicated to change the configuration of air filter box.
The techinicians also modify the silent part of exhaust system.

After only for months of the job, the customer obtained the homologation for the Pass by test.

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