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Light Truck Pass-by Noise Modelling with Boundary Elements Method

One of the first studies on automobile pass-by and internal noises, using a hybrid method involving source identification and numerical analysis, achieved through a partnership between SCS and one of major acoustic materials manufacturers, a firm which performs analysis and design, and provides solutions for automobile manufacturers. SCS was charged to perform numerical analysis and the acoustic and vibration expertise, and to manage the experimental analysis development. The objective of this study was to improve the acoustic behaviour of a light weight truck.
The important outcome of this study is that relevant solutions and improvements were investigated with a numerical model (based on the CAD model) of the van, before a prototype was available.

The project was conducted in 2 phases:

1. A complete investigation was conducted on an existing van in order to validate the hybrid method contained in Rayon Solver (I-deas component) in which the experimental part consisted of: pass-by noise, engine noise radiation and internal noise measurements.

2. The second phase was the acoustic design of the new light truck with a numerical model, by using the engine source of the existing van (the new engine was not yet available). Results were then updated when the new engine was characterized. A proper source model of the engine was derived by using an Inverse Boundary Element scheme, involving experimental data and a boundary element model of the engine, defined as a set of prescribed acceleration surfaces. Once the engine noise model has been derived, the pass-by noise is computed by using the standard Variational Boundary Element Method.
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