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Cabin Noise

Place: China
Period: one month in 2006
Customer: CAR producer

In march 2006 SCS performed for one of the most important Chinese car maker an NVH stud to improve the cabin noise on one model.

A team of SCS technicians executed these measurements in the customer site, in China.

The analysis and elaboration of the data collected suggested 15 different improvements to decreae the level of the noise in the passenger compartment.

The most importants modification were on the insulation kit and the evaluation of the correlation vibration - noise.
Particular attention was on the study of the more suitable materials to improve the effects of acoustic insulation and to decrease the influence of some vibration source, as filter box. As a result of the improvements, the customer decides to promote in the more important cities in China a sort of competition, to show to the market that this car became the most quiet model of its category. At today, nobody could propose any other model quiter that the model with SCS improvement.
For more details, SCS invite to visit the following website:

CSP 360

Please consider that in these site is reported with SCS the name of Alipalia, that is a mistake produced from a customer: they want to mean "from ITALIA".

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