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The omnidirectional system analysis sources from NAE - Nittobo Acoustic Engineering - Tokyo - Japan
This system consists of a spherical transducer equipped with 31 microphones and 12 cameras, and allows you to get, as a result of a rapid and simple acquisition, the noise map in any direction with respect to ball-transducer. The representation of noise maps can be both static form for the analysis of phenomena stationary, both in form 'animated' for the analysis of the phenomena of non-stationary or moving source.

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The rapid identification of different sources within a complex machinery that help with the total noise emitted by a machine, as well as the search for sources within a workplace, has always been a problem primary importance, which for its solution requires usually lengthy and complex acoustic measurements. With Noise Vision is possible to obtain the same results (and more) in a form of immediate interpretation and execution time of measurement and processing of extremely modest.

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                  NVH APPLICATION: Cabin Noise Advanced Investigations:
                  Vector intensity reconstructions in a volume surrounding a rigid spherical microphone array

Among the applications NoiseVision outstanding

  • Research generic sources
  • Study dynamic noise emitted from a source
  • Analysis advanced noise inside the car
  • Identification of sources within the workplace
  • Classification of acoustic insulation systems


  • Microphones: 32 ICP
  • Front-End noise: TEAC LX-20
  • Front-End Video: Nittobo
  • Operating Frequency Range: 200Hz ~ 5.000 Hz
  • Option dynamic analysis
  • Option automated analysis report in ppt format
  • 12V Power Option
Components of the system
  • Spherical transducer (Ø 260mm, weight 12 kg)
  • Units acquisition mic to 32 + channels tacho
  • Units acquisition cameras
  • Notebook c / software

The connection between the notebook and unity acquisition microphone through LAN and the connection between the notebook and unity video capture through USB2.0. The entire system is easily transportable.

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