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  Laser Doppler Vibrometer from METROLASER inc. USA

      Applications examples:

Vibrometria laser per la conservazione del patrimonio architettonico

Technical information of the LDV system VibroMet 500 SLDV
proposed by Metrolaser.

Multibeam laser for Landmine detection pat I

Multibeam laser for Landmine detection part II

Multibeam laser for Landmine detections: Speckle noise removal in Landmine detection

MetroLaser has developed innovative non-contact vibration measurement technologies that provide ultra-high measurement accuracy at affordable prices. MetroLaser's VibroMet™ products have been field tested and are particularly valuable in applications where:
- mass loading caused by attaching an accelerometer cannot be tolerated;
- high-temperature measurement (e.g., hot steel or turbine engine components);
- non-contact measurement is needed to detect low amplitude vibrations;
- long-range measurement with high-accuracy is required;
- modal characteristic measurement is desired; and
- multiple points need to be measured simultaneously.

VibroMet™ laser Doppler vibrometers can be used in a variety of applications, including inspection, non-destructive testing and quality control of aircraft and automotive components (i.e., engines, composite structures, brakes, door panels, etc.), as well as for characterization of acoustic speakers and in biological research applications.

The VibroMet™ product line includes multiple sensors designed to provide measurement solutions to meet the needs of a variety of applications and industries. The links above provide more information on each of these products.

For introductory information about laser safety and classification, please download our Laser Safety FAQ sheet.


  VibroMet™ Model 500 SLDV
NEW! Standard Product
Portable and easy-to-use scanning vibrometer for
whole-field non-destructive testing and non-contact
vibration measurement of any surface
  VibroMet™ Model 500V
Standard Product
Compact, single-point vibration measurement
system with ultra-high sensitivity
  VibroMet™ Long-Range Laser Vibrometer
Custom Product
Single-point vibration measurement of objects
located at long ranges
  VibroMet™ Multi-Beam Laser Vibrometer
Special Order Product
Simultaneous measurement of multiple locations on an object provides the most accurate method for measurement of vibration modal characteristics