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Whether the argument is a power train noise and vibration, the exterior or interior vehicle noise, or a chassis NVH testing, a test-track testing, as well as a simulation model update, a benchmarking or a troubleshooting, SCS Noise and Vibration can help you with a "real" expertise and dedicated systems.
SCS can be very practical and innovative, we actually understand what does "user-friendly vibroacoustic tools" mean for an efficient NVH testing, data management and data-base.

Typical daily activities of our engineering staff are: noise source identification and noise path analysis, acoustic imaging and acoustic holography, operating deflection shapes or modal testing & analysis, sound power and sound quality, pass-by noise testing, acoustic materials testing, vibration test & control, data management & reporting.

SCS resources include a complete set of measuring instruments, data acquisition, analysis software, modelling software.
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